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Thank you for considering 4-H Plumbing. The following Solar Water System specials are now available for immediate installation. The flat rate pricing listed below includes all applicable discounts.

A 30% TAX CREDIT is available for all solar installations. Other rebates may also be available based on the location of the installation (contact your utility company for more information).

Service TypeSpecial
Provide & install single panel 40/80 solar hot water system consisting of an 80 gallon solar water heater, 4x10 solar collector, circulating pump w/differential controller and freeze protection.$3,965

Provide & install double panel 60/160 solar hot water system consisting of a 120 gallon solar water heater, two 4x8 solar collector, circulating pump w/differential controller and freeze protection.$6,225

** Bid is based on having adequate attic space for the piping installation. The control panel requires a 110V duplex receptacle furnished by others. There will be an additional charge for tile roof installations. Bid does not include moving the electrical connection for the solar water heater if required. We will dispose of the existing water heater at your request. **

Company: Your Name: E-Mail: Phone #: Fax #: Contact: By Phone By Fax By E-Mail Location: Work Type: Single Panel 40/80 System Double Panel 60/160 System Additional Notes:
License Number: CFC057316    

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