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Thank you for considering 4-H Plumbing. Our company is available to service any sized project at any time. From emergency service calls, residential add-ons, remodels and repipes, to high end custom homes and commercial projects. 4-H Plumbing will provide competitive, quality work for all of our customers.

4-H Plumbing can solve your plumbing leaks, today! We can quickly and easily fix leaky faucets, sinks, drains, tubs, showers, supply lines, water mains, and more.

Leak RepairCostSpecial
Repair Water Leak Above Slab$260 $234
Repair Water Leak in Ceiling$305 $274
Repair Water Leak in Framed Wall$330 $297
Repair Water Leak in Block Wall$380 $342
Locate Sub Slab Leak$370 $333
Locate & Repair Water Leak Below Slab$1080 $972

(Special 10% discount pricing applies only to residential plumbing service, within the Greater Orlando/Clermont/Ocala areas, and during business hours 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday/Non Holidays.)


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License Number: CFC057316    

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